Southern border invasion, tens of thousands of immigrants gather at the southern border

The southern border is swarmed with more than 60,000 migrants, who anticipate crossing into the United States soon.


More than 60,000 primarily Honduran and Nicaraguan immigrants plan to cross the US border illegally within the next couple of days. Conversations continue to vamp up for the Biden administration as the anticipated Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

The first wave of migrants coming across the border into La Joya, Texas, were predominantly from Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala, some of the most dangerous and crime-ridden countries in South America.

The Biden administration began unraveling the “Remain in Mexico,” formally called the Migrant MPP earlier this year. In contrast, migrant numbers continued to soar and formally ended in June before the court ruling ordered a reversal. A policy that alone resulted in a 75-80% reduction in families illegally entering the country. “It closed that loophole down,” former acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan stated.

In the filing last week to re-implement the MPP, Biden stated that there has been  “substantial progress.” This is likely one of many reasons for the massive increase of migrants coming in the last-ditch effort to come into America. The filing stated that it anticipates finalizing operations to rebuild soft-sided facilities in Laredo and Brownsville after engaging in talks with Mexico, which would still be set to a tune of $14.1 million.

The battle of MPP comes as government sources reveal that in Fiscal Year 2021, a new record was set for apprehensions at the border, with 1.7 million encountered, with 132,000 of those being unaccompanied children.

To call this an invasion attempt is an understatement. If we were to gather 60,000 of our troops around any country, that would be considered an act of war. It is sad to see our Border Patrol are not being given backup and reinforcement. With the 2020 fiscal year showing only 19,740 border patrol agents.

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