Rittenhouse: Not Guilty sparks protests and potential riots

Protesters took to the streets from coast to coast after a jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all five counts.


The jury, picked randomly by Kyle, comprised seven women and five men, deliberated for three and a half days and heard from more than 30 witnesses over two weeks of testimony.

Kyle was found not guilty on the following charges:

First-degree reckless homicide

First-degree recklessly endangering safety

First-degree recklessly endangering safety

First-degree intentional homicide OR Second-degree intentional homicide OR First-degree reckless homicide in the death of Anthony Huber

Attempted first-degree intentional homicide OR Attempted second-degree intentional homicide OR Recklessly endangering safety in the shooting of Gaige Grosskreutz

Kyle acted in self-defense when he shot Rosenbaum, who he said threatened him earlier, chased him, threw a bag at him, and lunged for his gun. Kyle stated at one point of his testimony, “If I would have let Mr. Rosenbaum take my firearm from me, he would have used it and killed me with it and probably more people.”


After the not guilty verdict was announced, protests started. In predominately Democratic stated, filled with vandalism from spray-paint to destroying property.

With one protestor writing “White supremacists ARE COWARDS” on the facades of a court building.

While other states were rioting and protesting, Kenosha remained relatively calm, with Gov. Tony Evers (D) placing 500 National Guard members on standby ahead of the verdict.

In states such as Portland, Ore., and Brooklyn, New York, you had reports of protesters attempting to breach the Justice Center building and threaten to “burn it down.” While other reports of vehicle car windows being smashed and the windows of a city print shop being smashed.

Protesters also held signs of Joseph D. Rosenbaum in remembrance of his death. Joseph D. Rosenbaum was a convicted criminal and had spent more than a decade in prison in Arizona after being convicted of sexual conduct with a minor. A grand jury also charged Joseph D. Rosenbaum with 11 counts of child molestation and inappropriate sexual activity around children, including anal rape.

The victims that Joseph D. Rosenbaum violated ranged from nine years old to eleven years old. 

Joseph Rosenbaum went to the Kenosha riots after being released from the mental health ward, to which he was setting fire to cars, buildings and stalking Kyle Rittenhouse.

To be abundantly clear. Joseph D. Rosenbaum was a convicted child rapist. Although Kyle Rittenhouse acted in pure self-defense, Joseph D. Rosenbaum deserved everything that had happened to him.

President Biden is coming under fire as well, as he suggested that he “stands by what the jury has concluded, the jury system works, and we have to abide by it.”

Although short-lived, as Joe Biden issued a statement hours later declaring himself ‘angry’ over what the jury did, while trying to convince others not to let their anger convert into violence.

Tom Cotton demanded that Biden ‘publicly apologize’ to Kyle Rittenhouse after the charges were acquitted on Friday.

Hopefully, Kyle goes a step further and sues everyone from Joe Biden to Lebron James to MSNBC for defamation for trying to paint him in a light that is untrue to try and paint their political narrative.

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