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    Man’s Last Wishes Not Observed During Execution Now Supreme Court Involved

    The right to life is a fundamental concept that Democrats want to extinguish. For those people that are facing the death penalty, the road to the chair was long. They have multiple opportunities to get their sentence commuted or prove that a mistake was made with their trial. And when the time finally comes, some […] More

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    Want to Be an Ambassador? Just Donate Heavily to a Democrat

    We expect ambassadors to be capable of representing America’s best interests in the countries they are assigned to. Yet, President Biden has a very different approach to what an ambassador position entails. No, it’s not a rigorous interview process. No, it’s not the ability to speak multiple languages or even know a lot about the […] More

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    Fauci Fights Disinformation…with Disinformation

    It’s hard to know what to believe anymore when you hear the same person saying things on both sides of the coin. Dr. Fauci has been fighting about “disinformation” regarding how to handle COVID – and more specifically, how ivermectin can be used to deal with COVID. The left lost their minds when Joe Rogan […] More

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    Facebook Doesn’t Want Anyone Getting Ideas, Removes Post About Impeaching Biden

    Facebook is back to playing Big Brother…and they don’t want anyone getting any ideas about disturbing the liberal administration. The Democrats control everything. Why upset a good thing? Well, anyone who posts about the possibility of impeachment will find that their post is removed. It happened to Alabama’s Lieutenant Governor. Will Ainsworth made the mistake […] More

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    Bank Targeting Conservatives Shutting Down Accounts

    The real and present fear of retribution for conservatives or anyone with opinions and views dissenting on anything considered “mainstream” is growing, quickly. The threat is particularly vicious, considering the percentage of our lives that work off of some sort of technology, combined with the percentage of major technology companies are led by massively progressive […] More

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    Resignation Call: Austin Needs to Step Down

    Let’s face it. President Biden didn’t act alone when it came to the disaster that became the Afghanistan pullout. There are others who are responsible – and others who need to be held accountable. At the top of the list is Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. And, there are plenty of retired flag officers who […] More

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